BCN3D Hotend X - Printing PLA and ABS

The BCN3D Hotend X is their standard hotend with the new Nozzle X (0.6mm) by E3D installed. This allows the user to print fiber-filled abrasive materials without prematurely wearing away the nozzle. Since the Nozzle X is only compatible with certain filaments in both the Slicer and the machine firmware, a workaround must be done to slice and print with standard filaments using this new hotend.

To print with PLA or ABS on the new Hotend X, go to the LCD screen and navigate to Utilities > Printer setup > Component Setup. Then change the hotend setting to 0.6mm, even though the Hotend X (0.6mm) is installed.

In the Stratos slicer, repeat this process by setting the nozzle size to 0.6mm, instead of the Hotend X (0.6mm).

Finally, back on the LCD screen, navigate to Utilities > Maintenance > Autotune and complete the onscreen steps.

If done properly, you should now be able to slice and print PLA on the new Hotend X.

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