Removing your PTFE

To remove the PTFE tube from any printer, you first need to unload any filament from the feed system.  If you are unable to unload filament, please reach out to us for assistance.

Once the filament has been removed, you should remove and Collet spacers from one or both sides of the PTC couplings as shown below.

PTC coupler spacer


Once the Spacer and filament are removed, press down on the top of the coupling and depress the locking mechanism while pulling up on the PTFE to release the connection as shown below.

Removing PTFE


The PTFE tube should release from the connection.  If the PTFE does not release, that could mean that either there is filament still loaded and the extruder is acting as a mechanical brake or that the PTC connector's locking mechanism is broken and needs replacement.  If you are unable to remove the PTFE after flowing this guide, please reach back out to us at



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