Print Head Mounting (Non SNAP)

Over time, the Pulse print head may become loose and need tightening.  The key to knowing that this is the right guide for you is to make sure the gantry itself is not moving and only the print head assembly is moving as shown in the image below.

If this is what you are seeing, you will need to bring the print head down to about halfway in the Z-axis so you are not impeded by the blue crossbar in the following steps. 

First, Turn the printer around and find the lower bearing cover on the back of the print head as pictured below.  You will need to remove the two screws holding the cover in place, a 2.5mm Allen wrench is needed.

Once the cover is removed, you will find three more 2.5mm Allen head screws, tighten those until they are snug, do not over tighten them otherwise they could stip out.  You do not need to tilt the gantry bracket as there is enough clearance to tighten the lower screw.

Once the three screws have been tightened down, check that the print head is secure on the gantry and re-attach the bearing bracket.  

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