Beam Air Filtration System Guide


The Flux Beam Air Fume Extractor is a universal filtration system that may be adapted to fit any laser cutter with a 4 inch (100 mm) diameter exhaust outlet, and has a maximum fan volume output of approximately 350 CFM (9,800 L/min). This unit contains 4 layers of filtration to help scrub and purify the exhausting air from the laser cutter, making it safer for use indoors. The 4 layers of filtration include: Pre-filter, Medium Efficiency Filter, Activated Charcoal Filter, and H13 HEPA Filter.


The filters are all assembled within a single module, and may be individually replaced or purchased as a kit. The following is the suggested replacement schedule per Flux:

  • Pre-Filter -- Removes large debris and allows fine dust particulate through: 10-30 Hours
  • Medium Efficiency Filter -- Removes fine dust particulate and allows ultra-fine particulate through: 50-150 Hours
  • Activated Charcoal Filter -- Scrubs noxious gasses from the air: 300-600 Hours
  • H13 HEPA Filter -- Removes ultra-fine particulate and allows gasses through: 100-200 Hours


**Before attempting any of the following, please be sure that the Beam Air Fume Extractor is unplugged from the wall outlet to avoid serious injury from electrical shock or the spinning fan blades.**

There are no required tools for this replacement procedure.

To start, unlatch the four latches that are securing the top lid. To do this, simply pull up on the latch lever and unhook the retaining ring from the lid hook. Once all four are unlatched, remove the lid and set it to the side.

Once the lid is removed, carefully lift the filter assembly out of machine and set it on a flat surface. The filter layers may then be individually removed from the cardboard frame -- please see the illustration below. Take note of the arrangement of the filters and be sure to reinstall them accordingly. Follow these steps in reverse for reassembly.

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