Peopoly Phenom / Phenom L - How to Inspect the LED Array

If you are experiencing an issue with the LED array on your Phenom or Phenom L printer, this general guide will help you to troubleshoot and repair the issue.

First, you will need to remove the LED array from your Phenom printer. To do this, remove the 4 screws as shown in the photo below (two are located on the power supply cover, and two are located near the mainboard). Please note that the under-side of your printer may differ from the configuration shown below.

Next, remove the 4 screws holding the LED array and Heat Sink in place. They are difficult to see in this photo, but are located down on the sides of the Heat Sink.

Once the LED array has been removed, locate the power cable connection on the LED board and remove any protective tape so that you may check the solder joint for continuity.

Using a multimeter set to check for continuity, test each of the 5 LED array PCB mounting screws against the power input Positive (+) connection. You should not see any continuity.

If you get a continuity signal, the testing mounting screw must be insulated using a paper or plastic washer. This is due to the mounting screw having cut through the PCB masking and grounding out on the copper plating.

Once completed, make any necessary repairs to your printer then reassemble following this guide in reverse.

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