BCN3D R19 Mainboard Firmware Re-flash for Sigma

If you are installing a new R19 Mainboard into your BCN3D Sigma printer and the print heads are crashing to into each other, you will need to re-flash the firmware on the mainboard. This happens because the mainboards are pre-loaded with the firmware for the Sigmax, which has a wider X axis. Please perform the following:

  1. Download the following firmware file (v01-2.0.8-1.hex) and manually install it via the file path in the BCN3D Cura slicer:  Manage Printer > Upgrade Firmware > Upload Custom Firmware
  2. Next, download and "print" the reset g-code (M504.gcode) -- this file will not print anything, it will only to reset the EEPROM values
  3. Lastly, re-calibrate your printer and you're done!

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