Peopoly Phenom L / Noir Multi-Channel Power Supply

Peopoly recently made a change to the power distribution on the Phenom L and Phenom Noir printers. This new multi-channel power supply consolidates the original power supply, stepdown module, voltage module and LED driver into a single unit!

Both the Phenom L and Phenom Noir multi-channel power supplies are similar in design; however, each will output a different voltage for the LED driver, respective to the printer model. Please see the differences below.

Phenom L: (silver casing)

Phenom Noir: (black casing)


**Before testing the connector voltages, please note that the multi-channel power supply has 110/220VAC supplied to connector 5.  Use extreme caution while the printer is plugged into a power source, as there is a risk of severe electrical shock**

Beneath the outer casing is the Multi-channel Power Supply, which has 5 total input/output connections, 3 of which have status LEDs for easy diagnostics. Using a multimeter, measure the voltage for the corresponding circuit which may be presenting a fault -- for the DC circuits: red is positive, black is negative. Note, even if the status LED is illuminated, the output voltage may still be out of tolerance.

  1. DC24V output -- Supply power to mainboard (status LED)
  2. DC12V output -- Supply power to video driver board (status LED)
  3. Exposure control input, from mainboard
  4. DC48-52V (Phenom L) or DC36-40V (Noir) output -- Supply power to LED array (status LED)
  5. AC100-240V input -- Main power from power switch

Peopoly has released two revisions of the multi-channel power supply. They are identified by the component layout and use of different MOSFET heat sinks.

REV 1:

REV 2:

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