E3D Hemera Stepper Motor Wiring Correction

This article will briefly discuss how to correct the wiring pinout of the E3D Hemera stepper motor [as well as most stepper motors] as may be required to correctly interface with your mainboard. Please reference your mainboard's stepper driver pinout before performing this task, to ensure you are correctly configuring the stepper wires. You may also reference the Hemera datasheet here.

Since the Hemera stepper motor wires are not configured for any specific printer mainboard, the configuration of the wires may vary. If the stepper motor is not turning when commanded, and the motor signal can be confirmed, it may be necessary to re-configure the wiring to match the mainboard pinout. Please see below for how to remove and swap the pins on the stepper's female Dupont connector.

Default Hemera stepper-end configuration (JST PH 6-pin female connector):

It is not recommended to change the configuration of these wires, as they are specific to the coil windings of the stepper motor.

Default mainboard-end configuration (Dupont 4-pin female connector):

To remove the female Dupont pin, use a small flat head screw driver to gently lift up on the black plastic retaining tab. The pin may then be slid out from behind the connector housing.

Once the appropriate pins have been removed, re-orient them and gently re-insert them back into the connector housing. Please take note of the pin's orientation, as there is a small ledge that must align with the black plastic retaining tab.

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