Viki2 LCD Controller Menu Tree - Smoothie

This is a simple walkthrough of the menu tree on for the Viki2 LCD Controller. These menu tree items are subject to change, so this article is intended be used as a general reference.

To navigate the menu tree, you will need to both rotate the control knob clockwise and counter-clockwise, as well as depress the knob to select menu tree items. The screen will timeout and default to the Watch screen after 30 seconds of inactivity. The following items will be covered in greater detail:

  • Watch
  • Play
  • Jog
  • Prepare
  • Extruder
  • Set Temperature
  • Custom
  • Configure
  • About


This screen is your default data overview. It shows the current nozzle and bed temperatures, fan status, print head coordinates, print multiplier, print time, and percentage of print completion.


This screen is where you will select the file that you want to print! Simply navigate to [ext/] and select the name of your desired part file. There is also an alternate menu tree item that will appear in place of Play during an active print; this item will read as Abort, which will immediately stop the print. Please note that when the print is aborted, the print cannot be recovered and the print head will remain in place; it is recommended to move the print head off of the part by using the Jog menu.


This screen gives you the ability to manually move the X, Y and Z axes by the specified units you select (0.01mm, 0.1mm, 1.0mm, and 10.0mm).


This screen gives you several options for control of homing the axes, setting the origins, disabling the motors, pre-heating, cool-down, extruder and temperature control.


This is a submenu of the Prepare menu, and itself also contains the Extruder Settings menu. This screen allows you to either extrude or retract a specified length of filament -- please note that the nozzle temperature must be preheated to safely extrude or retract filament. Furthermore, the sub-submenu for the Extruder Settings allows you to adjust settings such as your e-steps, filament diameter, flow rate, acceleration and retraction length.


This is a submenu of the Prepare menu, and will allow you to specify the temperature for either the nozzle or heated bed. This can either be adjusted during an active print, or before-hand in lieu of the pre-heat macro command.


This screen contains the custom macro commands as specified in the config.txt file of your firmware. Selecting one of these macros will immediately run the pre-programmed gcode commands.


This screen allows  you to configure the various EEPROM settings within the firmware. (Some features are not available for Smoothieware)


This screen gives specific information about the printer name and firmware version.

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