E-Series Silence Your Printer

With the Pulse E-Series, we added a small tone module to the printer which it can use to play a tune when connecting up to a computer, finishing a print, and a few other trigger points.  Here is how you disable that function.

The tone commands are actually in MatterControl and not on the printer itself, so you will need to go into the MC Profile for your printer and navigate to the "Printer" tab on the right side of your screen.  If you do not have this tab already, follow this guide to activate it.  Enabling Secondary Tabs in MC 2.0

Now, navigate to the "G-Code" tab of the Printer dropdown and you will find a few sections which need editing.  In order of appearance in the tab they are the following:

  • End G-Code
  • On Connect G-Code
  • Cancel G-Code
  • Pause G-Code
  • Resume G-Code

All of the above sections have lines of M300 Tone commands in them, simply delete the whole sections that have M300 in them.  In the example below, you would want to delete the lines in the red boxed section to have the printer not make a chime sound when finishing the print.  

To add the sounds back into your printer, you can open up a new Hardware Profile for your same printer and copy the G-Code from the new hardware profile to your main active one.

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