Pulse - How to adjust your extruder tension

Are you experiencing filament slippage, grinding, or motor skipping?

Improper extruder tension is easy to address, and can be the difference between undesired print quality and a perfect surface finish!

To adjust the extruder tension on your Pulse, locate the thumb screw on the back of the BondTech extruder as seen in the photo below. The extruder housing may be a little different from what is shown, but the tensioning works the same.

There are a few different strategies for adjusting the tension on your extruder, however, we will explain the one that works best for us below!

  • Insert your filament into the extruder enough for the extruder gear to 'bite' into the filament
  • Unscrew the thumb screw so that the lever does not apply pressure to the filament
  • Command the printer to extrude 100 mm of filament (the nozzle may need to heat up for this process)
  • As the extruder motor is running, slowly tighten the thumb screw until the filament begins to feed into the extruder block
  • Give the thumb screw another 1/4 turn to apply the right amount of tension

After adjusting the tension on your extruder, it may be necessary to make minor adjustments as you run your first print -- we recommend adjusting incrementally ±1/4 turn at a time.

If you have further questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@matterhackers.com.

Happy printing!

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