Installing Viki 2 to Pulse

To begin the process, please reference this guide for physically installing the Viki 2 to the machine.  

Next, you will need to get in contact with MatterHackers if you have not already, they will review the machine type and provide the firmware for the new version of the printer you are creating.  When adding a Viki 2 to the printer, the firmware needs to be flashed so the printer can be controlled by the screen.  

For Mini Rambo motherboards follow these directions:

Once you have been provided the firmware Hex file, you will want to connect the printer up to a computer with MatterControl installed.  Using the new printer version number that MatterHackers provides you, create a new profile from the Hardware tab. Use this guide to open a new hardware tab if you are not familiar with the process

When the printer is connected to MatterControl you can go to the "Controls" tab and at the bottom of the list you will see a section called "Firmware Updates".  this option is almost always showing "Updates Available" this is not the case and the only time there will be an update is if MatterHackers contacts you.  From here you can select the "Change" option and select the Hex file that you were provided by MatterHackers.  This will push the update to the printer. Once the upload is complete, you should see the printer cycle its self and be ready to print with.  

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