Peopoly Phenom Screen Replacement guide

Phenom uses a 4k 12.5” LCD panel for printing. This guide covers the panel technical info, installation and care.

  • Panel Technical Information
  • Care
  • Installation
  • Checking Panels

Technical Information


This is how the replacement LCD panel would like when you received it

It is wrapped in a protective cover. And you will see instruction indicating top and back of the panel as well as some basic instructions

Do not worry about the gel spot at the back of the panel. Those are processing we did on our own to bring down the cost of the panel for you and it will not affect printing. 

After unwrapping, you want to check and see how both sides of the backend of the panel are covered by as tape as well because UV light can damage electronic parts as well.

Phenom has 2 types of LCD panel. Please refer to the installation section to learn more.

Phenom LCD panel diagram (sent as replacement standalone unit) - Diagram


The LCD Panel is the mask part of the MSLA technology. It shapes the light from an LED array and turns it into an image and is extremely important for the printing process.  It is also very fragile so you want to handle it with care.

  1. Make sure to always place the panel on a flat, secure surface so it does not move around.
  2. One should remove the protective film at the back of the panel only when it is ready to be installed into Phenom. And make sure wipe clean the backside of the panel before dropping into the spot
  3. Do not remove the Panel Top protective film. It has a sticker on the film. Do remember to remove the sticker when installing. Wipe after installation
  4. Wipe clean of the panel when there is a resin spill on the film before printing again. Use alcohol (Ethanol or IPA) for cleaning. For cured parts, soften the object by soaking it with IPA and then remove it WITHOUT using a sharp object
  5. Make sure you remove the protect film at the backside before (and only when) you are installing the panel. 

LCD Panel Installation

*important, please do not remove the black tapes on the panel as they are important for blocking out UV light for proper operation.

A note about Panel differences:

There are 2 types of panels that may come with Phenom or as a replacement. There are JW31 and JW33 For printing, they perform exactly the same. The only difference is the cable connection and the cable.

JW31 has the port located on the same side as the front side:

You can identify the panel by the cable it comes with it. The cable will have a label says JW31

A closer look at the port:

The cable connector has a front and back. Please make sure the red wires are on the right side when you connect to the port on the panel.


JW33 panel has a port on the backside of the panel. Here is a picture of its front as a comparison:

The backside of JW33 Panel

The JW33 port is on the backside and the cable has a label of JW33. Make sure the red wire is on the right when you connect.

Video Instruction

JW 31 Panel

JW 33 Panel


How to check LCD Panel for issues

LCD Panel Does not display any image

  1. Make sure power adapter LED is on and the touch panel display menu when turned on

*If touch panel does not turn on, Please check mainboard LED to be on when you power on Phenom (see next page diagram) You can use power check guide here.

  1. Run the Calibration under Tool and make sure the screen display the square
  2. If there is no square displayed, but LED array lights up,

Please check the HDMI, Panel Output, Power highlighted in the picture

And Panel Input

Make sure the turbofans for LCD panel works but turning the machine on and see if those fans are turning ( see below)

To see if anything is loosened and try to use calibrate function to test as shown in the following pictures:

If there is still no calibration rectangle, please email and cc

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