Pulse Hotend Thermistor checks

To determine the issue of the prompt "Error:heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID:0" the following steps should be taken.

Turn the printer on and connect it to MatterControl, did the error come up immediately or does the printer idle at room temperature (Roughly 21-28c)? 

In the printer terminal, you should see the temperature updating roughly once every second or so.  This temperature should be consistently reading within a degree when idle and should not jump more than a degree.  By hand, move the cable chain coming off the print head and watch the temperature readings update.  An unbroken cable will not show any fluctuations in the readings.  You can also flex the blue cable that comes off the heater block a small amount and see if the readings change at all. 

If either of these cables movement changes the readings in the terminal, then the corresponding cable section or connector between the cables is going to be the cause of the thermistor issue.

A disconnected thermistor is going to read as 21c and never change temperature readings in the terminal. 

Here is an example of the type of temperature changes you can expect to see:

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