Pulse Hotend Thermistor Check

If you receive an error message reading "Error:heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID:0" and the issue is not related to a missing silicone sock or a nearby fan blowing on the printer, the following steps should be taken to determine if the thermistor is at fault.

Note: a disconnected or broken thermistor will read as 21.0°C and never change temperature readings in the Terminal.

  1. Turn on the printer and connect it to MatterControl using the provided USB cable.  Does the error message appear immediately, or does the printer read an idle room temperature of roughly 21-28°C?
  2. Navigate to the Terminal tab in MatterControl.  You should see a constant stream of data showing the temperature updates roughly once every second. If you do not see this stream of data, click on Visibility Options and check-mark Temperature Responses. The temperature (labelled T: for the hotend, and B: for the bed) should be consistently reporting to the Terminal and should never jump more than one degree.
  3. Slowly move the wire harness on top of the printhead by hand and monitor any change in the temperature readout. You may also flex the blue wires coming off of the heater block to see if the readings change at all.  A bad section of the wiring will result in a large fluctuation in the temperature readout as it is moved around. If either of these cable movements change the readings in the Terminal, then the corresponding cable section or connector between the cables is going to be the cause of the thermistor issue. Below is an example of the temperature changes you may expect to see:

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