Wham Bam Mag Base Installation Guide and Troubleshooting

Initial notes:

  • Wham Bam build surfaces are not made for printers with a tilt function during layer release. This includes printers like the Moai 130, Moai 200, and the Prusa SL1S Speed.


  1. Begin by cleaning the build surface of your printer with 99% isopropyl alcohol to ensure there are no contaminants that may obstruct the adhesion of the glue.
  2. With the bed removed from the printer, adhere the Mag Base to the build surface.  
    1. The glue will adhere with 90% adhesion within the first 30 minutes, it is recommended to allow the glue to set for 48-72 hours before use though.  The vast majority of adhesion issues resulting in the Mag Base falling off the build surface originate from using the surface before the glue has fully set.  
    2. Once applied to the bed, set the bed and Mag Base face down on a table for the duration of its cure time.
  3. Reset your Z-Height.
    1. Depending on the type of printer you have, you may need to either adjust the Z-endstop position or just the locking screws on the bed leveling system. It'll be the same process as your initial setup, just accounting for the extra distance the Mag Base takes up.
  4. Check your bed leveling with a sheet of paper.


  • Mag Base detached from the build surface
    • Either there was a contaminant on the build surface prior to adhering the Mag Base, or the build surface was used too soon after installing the Mag Base.

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