MatterControl 2.0 Calibration - Z Calibration

The most important step in setting up your printer is proper calibration. In this article, we will briefly explain the Printer Setup & Calibration feature for "Z Calibration" that is built into MatterControl 2.0.

If you have just connected your new printer to MatterControl, you will be prompted with a Printer Setup & Calibration window which gives you two options, Z Calibration and Print Leveling. If you do not have Print Leveling as an option, your printer may not support automatic bed leveling or you have not enabled that in your printer features within MatterControl -- please navigate to Printer > Features > Hardware > Has Z Probe and enable it. Additionally, if you need to re-calibrate your printer, you may find this window by navigating to Controls > Calibration and select the compass icon.

Select the option "Run Z Calibration" and go through each of steps one-by-one until completion. You can read more about how to properly calibrate your Z Offset in this article. Below are reference images for each of the steps involved in this feature.

If you need additional assistance with this feature, please feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at (949) 613-5838.

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