Connecting MatterControl to your Desktop Printer

To connect MatterControl to a desktop printer through Serial Connection (USB) you will need a standard USB cable and an available port on your computer.  MatterControl cannot yet see WiFi connections, so USB and SD card are the only options for now.  

First, open MatterControl and select the Printer Profile that is compatible with your printer.  If you do not see your printer in the setup menu, follow this guide to create a profile.  

Once you have selected your profile and opened it up, you will see an option in the top left of the screen that says "Connect". You will be prompted with the Setup Wizard which will instruct you to disconnect the printer (if it is connected) and press Continue. Do not reconnect the printer until the wizard prompts you. 

Alternatively, if you know the COM Port (listed in the Device Manager) that the printer is connected to, you can manually configure the connection.

Once you are connected, you will see the "Connect" button now reads "Disconnect" and the Temperature readings in the top-right of MatterControl will show the printers current temperatures. 

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