Setting up 3rd party printers

To set up a printer in MatterContol, you will first need to go to the "Hardware" tab and select the "+" icon in the top left of the tab. 

From here, a new window will come up and you will want to select the option named "Other" and subcategory "Other".  From there you will be able to input your own printer's name as you prefer. This can be changed later if necessary but is required to set up the printer profile.  It is not required to have the same name as the printer for connection and printing purposes, this is only a reference for you. 

The next screen will ask if you want to Setup the printer with a direct connection, you can try to do so now however the Baud Rate may not be set the same as what your printer is communicating on so it may fail on the first attempt.  You can skip this option by closing the menu for now or canceling the operation.  

Next, we will want to set up the printer settings.  To get the set up started, go to the right side of the MatterControl screen where you will see Slice Settings and Controls.  You may not have the options Terminal and Printer yet, to activate those, see this short guide.

Select the menu option "Printer" and see the menu option for "BaudRate".  Most printers use either 250000 or 115200, there are a few other possibilities so if your printer does not connect with either of these you may want to find out what the value is from the manufacturer if direct connection is possible.  Select one of the two options in the Baud Rate drop-down menu, there is no need to type in the number if it is available in the selection. 

There are other options in this tab that can be set which will be covered in another guide later. 

From here, you should go to the "Connect" menu in the top left of MatterControl and follow the directions for the setup process.  If you know your COM port being used, you can opt to set up the connection manually and skip the normal process.

This should conclude the connection process If the connection fails to complete the Baud Rate is not set correctly or the printer is not being seen by the computer.  

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