Compatible Printers

Flexible materials, like Ninjaflex or TPU, should only be printed using extruders that are specifically designed to handle them. The main reason for this is that the extruder must have a fully constrained filament path to work well with flexibles, otherwise, the filament will just fold over and bind up inside the extruder (imagine trying to push a wet noodle instead of a rigid stick). The Ninjaflex FAQ has more information about specific extruder requirements.

Here is a list of printers we sell that were designed with flexible materials in mind

If your printer is not on the list, then it will probably have a lot of trouble printing flexible materials. If you wish to try anyways, here is a trick that may help. You may also be able to modify your machine by installing a Bondtech QR extruder.

See this article for more general information about filament compatibility.

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