Connecting to MatterControl: Baud Rate

When going through the initial printer setup process, MatterControl will attempt to connect to your printer using the default settings. This might fail.

If that happens, click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Next, click the ‘Edit’ button at the top left.

Click the ‘Edit’ button that appears when you hover the mouse over the menu item.

Click the radio button next to the other numbered option under the Baud Rate section.
If ‘250000’ was selected, try ‘115200’.

Click ‘Save’.

Click on your printer.
This will close the window and take you back to the MatterControl home screen.

Click the ‘CONNECT’ button at the top left of the screen.

When the connection succeeds, the screen will look similar to this:

The 'DISCONNECT' button, as well as the 'Print', 'Skip', and 'Remove' 

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