My T10 can't export to SD card. What's wrong?

Exporting to (Micro) SD card was accidentally disabled in the most recent version of MatterControl for the T10 (, so until the next version use this method to export:

  1. Insert the Micro SD card and swipe down twice from the top of the screen. You should see an icon and a notification that 'sdcard is mounted'.
  2. From the MatterControl Queue, use the 'Export' button to save a file of any type (from the choices provided) to a folder in 'sdcard', such as 'Downloads'. 
  3. Let the slicing process complete, until you can see 'Ready to Print' under the selected model name.
  4. Swipe down twice from the top right of the screen until the Quick Link menu appears.
  5. Select 'SETTINGS'.
  6. In the Settings app, navigate to 'Home' on the left column.
  7. Select the button next to the first 'Launcher' icon, the one with the Android robot icon and the white house.
  8. Press the Home button icon (house) in the bottom center of the screen in the black bar.
  9. Press 'OK' to any prompts that appear. You may need to press the home button again to end up on the Android desktop.
  10. Click the File Manager app (manila file folder icon) on the desktop to open the File Manager.
  11. At the top, you'll see several icons: a hard drive, an SD card, the USB symbol, etc. From the hard drive icon (2nd from the left), navigate into the '0' folder to the folder you exported to earlier.
  12. When you find the file, press and hold on it until a context menu appears. Choose 'Copy File'.
  13. At the top, navigate to the SD card icon and enter the 'extsd' folder.
  14. At the top, all the way to the right, click the icon of a piece of paper. This will show several options at the bottom of the screen. Choose 'Paste'.
  15. Physically eject the Micro SD card and insert into your printer for use.

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