How To Reset To a Clean State

If you are having a problem with MatterControl that is not fixed by re-installing, you may need to delete some of the data that MatterControl saves on your computer.

On Windows, MatterControl keeps the user's library and settings in  C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\MatterControl. On Mac and Linux it is in ~/.local/share/MatterControl, which is a hidden folder in your user's home folder. This data will persist, even if MatterControl is uninstalled so delete that folder if you want to completely reset MatterControl to a clean slate. You can also temporarily rename the SQLite database file (MatterControl.db) to see if your settings are the cause of a problem.

If you do not have sensitive data in MatterControl, sending the  MatterControl.db or a zip of the MatterControl folder to can help us track down bugs and is appreciated.

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