Uploading Firmware with MatterControl

MatterControl can be used to upload .hex firmware files to printers utilizing an Atmega2560 processor -- most 8-bit printers utilize this processor.

Note:  If you do not see the Firmware Updates section, navigate to Printer > Features > Behavior > Show Firmware Updater and set it to "Simple Arduino"

To begin uploading your firmware:

  1. First, open MatterControl and connect to your printer
  2. From the Controls tab, navigate to the section labeled Firmware Updates (see image below)
  3. Select Change and a file manager window should appear
  4. Locate the .hex file that you either downloaded or compiled, and select Open
  5. The firmware file will begin to upload to the mainboard **Please do not turn off the power to your computer or printer during the upload**
  6. Once complete, restart your printer and start printing!

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