Clearing AppData in Mac and Linux

If you suspect that your instance of MatterControl is suffering from a corrupted configuration file or random bug, it may be necessary to clear the contents of your MatterControl AppData folder to reset the program. There are two methods for accessing the MatterControl AppData system folder; please see the instructions below:

Please note that by proceeding with these instructions, all of your saved profile configurations will be permanently deleted.  Be sure to backup your profile(s) by logging into your MatterControl account prior to performing these steps.


Open MatterControl and select the [ ≡ ] icon in the upper-left corner of MatterControl, then select Settings.

Scroll down to the Advanced section and select the icon for Application Storage; a pop-up window should appear for the MatterControl AppData folder.

Close out of the MatterControl program, then highlight all of the contents within this folder and delete it.


If you do not have access to the MatterControl UI, you may navigate to the system folder and delete all of its contents.


Alternatively, you can rename this folder and MatterControl will create a new one the next time it runs. This way you can come back to it later if needed.


If successfully completed, you will be prompted with the Getting Started wizard once you re-open MatterControl. Proceed to log into your MatterControl account to recover your printer profile(s), or create a new printer profile.

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