Pulse Y axis belt tension and replacement

Pulse Y-axis belt system

If you receive a Pulse printer with a damaged Y-axis system and need a replacement part, please reach out to us at support@matterhackers.com for assistance in obtaining replacement parts or STL's to print on your own.

To replace the Belt or any component attaching to the belt on the Y-axis movement system, you will need a 2.5mm Allen wrench. The first step is to turn the printer over on its side or top and locate the Y-axis motor, pulley, and belt tensioner.

Y-axis callout

First, let's unplug the motor cable and loosen the two screws holding the motor to the frame. You do not need to completely remove the motor if you do not want to, the screws should be long enough to allow the belt to slip free.

Y Motor callout

Once the Motor is loosened, you can unscrew the 2 screws holding the tensioner to the plate.

Y-axis tensioner

The belt latches onto its self by rounding around a printed knob.

Y-axis tension

If the tensioner is damaged, you can remove the belts from the printed part and reattach the belts onto the newly printed part. Looping the teeth back onto each other will set tension, do not worry about getting it right on the first try, you can always come back to adjust the belt once the motor is reattached. 

Now, reattach the motor with the belt looped over, do not fully tighten the motor into place yet, we want to check tension before locking it in place. The belt should be able to deflect just a bit and have no slack in the system even with the motor loosened about 2-4mm.

Setting Belt tension

Once the belt tension does not feel loose, tighten the motor mount down to lock the belt in place, then check tension once more before screwing down the tensioner to the plate.

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