Z-Gantry Alignment for Pulse

The Pulse 3D Printer uses a single Z stepper driver to control both Z motors, doing so means that they cannot synchronize up if they are knocked out of alignment.  To realign the Z-Axis, home the printer by going to the Controls tab in MatterControl and selecting the option to "Home All", this will be the small house icon.  

Once the Printer homes, turn the printer off and check the distance for the left and right threaded rod in the Z-axis and see if they are equal in the height they sit in the black bushing.  Below is a picture showing how your system may look if it is not properly aligned. 

While the printer is off, use your hand to twist one of the threaded rods until the height at which the rods sits in the bushings is equal.  It does not matter if the threaded rod is exposed from the bushing or indented in, all that matters is that both sides are equal to each other. 

Once this is done, you can restart the printer and run your calibration for bed level and nozzle offset again and run a test print.  If you do not recalibrate, the printer will not print correctly. 

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